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Sell your Business E-Book Extract Part 13 – Sample Readiness Calculator

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Sell your Business E-Book Extract Part 9 – Finding A Buyer

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When business owners were asked about likely exit strategies for a CPA survey, respondents said that twenty five per cent would prefer to sell or pass on to a child or other family members, 26 per cent expected they would advertise the business for sale without identifying a buyer, 17 per cent expected to liquidate the business and 19 per cent considered a trade sale to someone in the industry as their most likely option. Only seven per cent favoured a sale to management or staff.   The Elusive Strategic Buyer The vendor needs to “spread the net” as widely as possible when looking for a strategic buyer who will pay a high price for the business.  Strategic investors may already be active in the market so it is worth watching what competitors are being sold for. Many newspapers list various types of businesses for sale in their classified section. Advertisements can contain as much or as little information about the business as the vendor wishes to disclose. The aim of mass market advertising is to direct interested parties to a contact telephone number or address for the purpose of making initial enquiries. Vendors should identify key people within an industry who may be useful in letting potential purchasers know that a business is for sale. Targeted advertisements in trade association journals or newsletters will reach those operators with experience and interest in running a similar type of business. When putting together information for a prospective buyer, include what you think is relevant and convincing, but keep in mind that confidential information may end up in the hands of competitors. It is important that at all times vendors are honest with prospective buyers.  If there are negative aspects to the business, it is better to be upfront about them rather than have secrets come out during the due diligence process.  A savy buyer will not only check obvious areas of hidden problems but less obvious things like investigating a WorkCover claim record. Other ways to source potential buyers are trade and press yearbooks, directories, The Yellow Pages, market surveys from organisations such as IBIS and the Internet.  Don’t discount direct competitors, suppliers and existing strategic partners. Remember, with a strategic buyer you are not just selling a business but also a vision for how the acquisition will strengthen the buyer’s existing business.  It is often successful to pitch the investment within the context of wanting to sell to someone who can take the business to the next level. Sometimes an investor will buy a business that is an extension of a hobby.  In this case research what industry publications are widely read and consider using them as a way of communicating with potential buyers. Business Organisations There are many industry associations that can provide leads for a buyer.  Given that the most buyers come from the same industry that the business operates in, it makes sense to network within that industry.  This is also a way for the vendor to keep abreast of market and industry trends.  Some associations also provide advisory services that can be accessed during the sale process. Understanding Decision Drivers Close to experience People want to work in certain industries. Low Risk Any purchaser wants reassurance that the business will continue to make money. Ease...

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Sell your Business E-Book Extract Part 8 – Preparing to Sell

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Research shows that when asked what processes they would be willing to put in place in order to maximise the value of the business, 60 per cent mentioned document processes, 53 per cent mentioned upgrading relevant technology, but only 38 per cent would restructure the business, 36 per cent would spend three to five years preparing for a sale and 26 per cent would put on more staff.   Brand Issues A powerful recognisable brand increases goodwill. The most common mistake that small businesses make is to name the business after the owner. Usually this reduces the attractiveness of the brand to a potential purchaser, as it flags the fact that the business is reliant on the original owner. Prior to going to market, an entrepreneur must look at the business name and product names, making sure that the brand appeals and will not limit the business to a segment that in the future may become obsolete. When it comes time to selling a business, it can be restrictive if the name of the business is linked to a geographical area.  This makes it hard for a buyer to move to another location or open multiple outlets in other locations. Expense Reduction Prospective purchasers will be interested in the income earning ability of the business. Before a business is put up for sale, vendors can seek to increase the income by increasing trading hours, expanding the sales team, or by reducing expenses. Sellers should analyse their expenses and see if savings can be made.  One of the biggest expenses for any small business is salaries and wages, and eliminating even one employee’s wages can make a significant improvement to the bottom line.  Lowering commissions can also reduce a wages bill, but this can have a negative effect on the morale of sales people, so this needs to be weighed up against possible savings. Other areas where savings can be made are telephones and IT, motor vehicle expenses, inventory management, quotes and tender systems and cost of goods Government Grants An instant way to improve profit is to apply for a government grant. There might be a state or federal government grant that will provide assistance to a business and facilitate its immediate growth and profitability. An example of two grants that small businesses could be entitled to are an Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) or a Research and Development Grant. An EMDG is an Austrade grant that reimburses up to 50% of expenses incurred on eligible export promotional activities less the first $15,000. R & D Tax Concession is a broad-based market driven tax concession, which allows companies to deduct up to 125% of qualifying expenditure incurred on R & D activities when lodging their tax return.  AusIndustry administers these grants. Vendors should get a list of all government grants and see if any are applicable for their business. There are specialist consultants, who work on a commission only basis, to help companies apply for grants. Revenue Drivers Before going to market, a business owner should see if the company’s profitability could be improved by increasing the average value sale.  Some of the KPIs that a business owner should be aware of are the average value sales, the frequency of purchase, the number of customers and leads and the...

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Sell your Business E-Book Extract Part 7 – Systems and Documentation

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In the past, many small business owners argued they were too busy running the business to implement costly internal systems and procedures. With powerful and affordable accounting and management software products now widely available, even a micro business can produce detailed management information in a simple and timely manner.   Systems and Documentation Intro In the past, many small business owners argued they were too busy running the business to implement costly internal systems and procedures.  With powerful and affordable accounting and management software products now widely available, even a micro business can produce detailed management information in a simple and timely manner. If a business does not appear systemised the business value goes down, so it is important for entrepreneurs thinking of selling to implement systems that will have the added benefit of increasing productivity and profitability in the lead up to the sale. During the due diligence phase, buyers begin tentatively but then quickly form a judgement about whether all the information provided is credible and whether the business has a good chance of continuing the income into the future. The sale process will be delayed if the necessary documentation is not in place. The seller needs to contact all these agencies at “Completion” and transfer ownership to the new party. (Note: “Completion” refers to the final purchase of the business based on the signing of the purchase agreement and the handover of the agreed purchase price of the business.) Human Resources A buyer looks for evidence that the business has a team of people in place who are capable of running and growing the business without the involvement of the previous owner.  This makes strong human resources systems vital to a sale. Many small businesses are only as good as their management and staff, and prospective purchasers know this. Where the business is a service industry, the value of trained and committed staff is a major component of the deal, and it is important that the workforce is motivated and accountable. Businesses also shouldn’t appear as if they are too heavily dependent on the involvement of the owner. If this is the case, more responsibility and autonomy should be given to senior staff as you prepare to sell, so that when you step out of the picture the business doesn’t fall apart. A business will be more attractive to prospective purchasers when it can show that its owner is not critical to the operation. The business should have job descriptions that include key performance indicators (KPIs) for each role within the business.  A job description covers why a job exists, what skills or qualifications are required, what are the mandatory and supplementary functions of the job, what the objectives of performance measurements of the job are and how they link to the organisational goals for the company. Setting KPIs for each employee means the business owner can better monitor performance. There should be a signed contract with each employee and evidence of Performance Reviews and their outcomes on file. All Intellectual property developed within the business should be signed off by employees and contractors. Company Policies and Procedures should be documented and a procedures manual becomes a useful document when inducting new employees.  There should also be a current Organisational Chart showing the title of each...

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Sell your Business E-Book Extract Part 6 – Valuation Overview

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To create an effective exit strategy, it is vital to understand how businesses are valued. An accurate valuation allows the business owner to make a realistic estimate of the profit from a sale, and whether this is going to be sufficient to meet future needs.  Valuation Intro To create an effective exit strategy, it is vital to understand how businesses are valued.  An accurate valuation allows the business owner to make a realistic estimate of the profit from a sale, and whether this is going to be sufficient to meet future needs. There is a common misconception that valuing a business is a simple financial calculation that is done with a great degree of certainty.  This is not the case The valuation of a business is extremely complex because of the diversity of companies, industries and individual business performance that need to be considered. The true value of a business is what any potential buyer is willing to pay at any particular point in time, and this fluctuates depending on whether the settlement involves cash, shares or debt financing.  Other factors that affect the price are timing of payment and the workout involved. Through years of R & D, some companies have developed IP, packaged it and built it into a recognised brand name. In this case the valuation mechanism needs to not only value current sales, but also to take into account the past development that will generate sales in future years. An investor who buys this type of company will reap the rewards of the previous investments into R & D. Valuation Methodologies There are ten commonly accepted methodologies for valuing a business. Most commonly used are; book value; adjusted book value; discounted earnings; discounted cash flow; income capitalisation (np b4 tax); sales multiple; earnings multiple; price/earnings The two most popular valuation methodologies used are a straight multiple using EBIT (Earnings before Interest and tax), and Discounted Cash Flow (factors in future income at a discount to today’s value). Most micro businesses that are sold to an owner/operator are sold for 1 – 2 x profits but buyers will sometimes pay a higher multiple depending on the accepted industry benchmark and the strategic fit with other business interests. Over a period of time, an industry usually develops its own rules of thumb by which a business is valued and this is a useful benchmark when selling to an owner/operator. If we look at one particular industry and take two companies with similar sales and profit performance for the last year, one might justifiably pay more for one business than the other for the following reasons: One business may appear to rely on the directors and owners, while the other appears to rely on numerous staff members. If the reliance is spread across the entire workforce, a potential buyer takes over a business with a higher chance of success One may be a start up company and the other may be an established company with a 5 year trading history One of the companies may have spent a considerable amount on R&D that will lift future profits One may have developed long term contracts that ensures profitability in future months and years, whereas the other may have to rely on winning contracts or work on a weekly basis...

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Sell your Business E-Book Extract Part 5 – Buyers

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The primary reason someone buys a business is to get a return on the investment. Each potential acquisition will be judged on what level of future profits the buyer believes the business can generate, the level of risk attached to reaching these targets and by the attractiveness of the industry in which the business operates.  Why Buyers Buy The primary reason someone buys a business is to get a return on the investment.  Each potential acquisition will be judged on what level of future profits the buyer believes the business can generate, the level of risk attached to reaching these targets and by the attractiveness of the industry in which the business operates. The first thing a potential buyer will look for is a sound financial history. Ideally the business will have recorded a steady increase in profit for the last two to three years, with a similar increase in sales over the same period.  If the profits and sales figures are inconsistent or showing a downward trend, it may be better for the entrepreneur to delay putting the business on the market until the financial results improve. It is more difficult to sell a relatively new operation, because of the lack of historical data.  If this is the case it may be advisable to delay selling until the business has a proven track record. However, some investors will still be open to a business that is relatively young but has overcome the challenges facing a start-up.  These include an established customer base, sound internal systems, market awareness and credibility, an operational framework and cash flow.  Another reason people will buy an immature business is financiers are more likely to lend to an existing business with even a short track record. Potential buyers are reassured if they see the business has been systemised to such an extent that the absence of the previous owner will have almost no effect on its operations. A good starting point is for a business owner to look what he or she does for the business and identify other staff members who have the potential to take over specific responsibilities. Industry trends also influence buying decisions.  At any given time certain industries or business trends will be in favour.  For example, business that manufacture and sell ecologically friendly businesses would have struggled a decade ago but in today’s environment there is a great deal of marketing mileage to be made from an ecologically responsible product or service.   Negating Risk Factors Buyers assess any business through the filter of risk.  If the business is well organised and driven by strong systems that make employees accountable, it becomes less risky for a new owner. One of the first questions a buyer will ask is why the vendor is selling, and a vendor needs to be able to provide a genuine and consistent answer. There are many legitimate reasons for exiting a business.  These include wanting to sell to someone with more resources who can take the business to the next level, selling to someone who is younger and more energetic, or lifestyle reasons such as spending more time with the family or dealing with health issues. Buyers minimise their risk by carrying out a thorough due diligence investigation and sellers maximise their position by being...

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Sell your Business E-Book Extract Part 4 – Sellers

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Sell your Business – 4- SELLERS Outlines several ways to sell your business Types of Exits There are several ways of exiting a business, including: Private sale Management buyout Remote Management Investor part or whole Succession to family member Float (IPO) The majority of business owners that wish to exit their business will either sell the business to third party or allow a family member or part of the management team to buy into the business In some cases an entrepreneur may wish to exit a business but cannot find a buyer prepared to offer a commercially realistic price. Rather than reduce the sale price, an owner may decide to pull back from the day to day running of the business and appoint outside management. Sometimes a buyer is not in a position to purchase the entire business but can afford to become a part owner.  In this situation it is important that the original owner thinks carefully about offering someone a majority stake in the business, as this effectively means he or she will lose control of all strategic and operational decision making.   In some instances the best investors are already a part of the organisation.  In a management buy-out, an owner offers employees the opportunity to buy into the company, often funded over time, out of the growth of the business.  There is risk attached to this arrangement because if the business’s profitability declines, it may be difficult to make payments.  For this reason it is recommended that management buy-outs only take place if the owner is a secured creditor and appropriate guarantees are in place. The large portion of small businesses are family businesses and in many cases it is the wish of the owner to keep the business in the family.  Currently around 10 per cent of business owners took over their current business from the family.  Of the family businesses with employees, three quarters employ at least one family member.  Research also shows that 92 per cent of family business owners are prepared to pass the business on to children and 57 per cent are prepared to sell it to them. Sometimes emotive factors come into play in family businesses, which change the family dynamics and can negatively impact the business.  An example of this may be intergenerational conflict. In a family business, it is essential that a Succession Plan is created and well documented, and that family members are aware of its contents. Some family members may automatically expect to be given first right of refusal for purchase of the business. A Succession Plan often has two stages.  The first is the transfer of managerial control and the second is the transfer of assets or ownership. Commonly, the shareholders of a business are a husband and wife.  Where divorce or separation has interrupted a good relationship, selling the business and transferring shares becomes difficult. It is best to consider this possibility when a business is started and structure it accordingly. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the process by which a company is listed on the Stock Exchange and it is usually a way for a medium sized business to obtain the capital needed to grow into a large business.  It requires a sizeable financial investment to prepare for listing and there...

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MAUS Launches New Online Prospecting Tools

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MAUS has recently launched their brand new prospecting tools modules.     The prospecting management suite allows you to: Create a new account for a new client or prospect Give you the ability to engage with your client or prospect with a structured set of questions that are easy to understand and simple to answer Automatically generate professional reports that include gap analysis and action plans for your client Log client Meetings and conversations to set a schedule and reengage clients   Screenshot of 2015 MAUS Prospecting Tools This is an extremely fast and easy platform to start engaging new or existing clients. Simply create a new prospect and start the engagement process by using one or more of the tools available. MAUS Business Systems is an award winning company that has helped over 60,000 business worldwide. Find out more Today: To find out more about the August training please contact MAUS on 1300 300 586. Or visit the website below Click here to visit the MAUS Website   Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield: They’re locks for the Red Sox Hall oakley sunglasses outlet of Fame, having played a combined 32 years for the franchise during the most fulfilling modern period in its history. Heck, they’re cheap jerseys china the type of very good but not great mainstays for which the Red Sox shrine was created. Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin, and Google counsel have received a letter from a law firm claiming to represent many of the celebs victimized by the leaks. In it, lawyer Martin Singer admonishes Google for “blatantly unethical behavior” and threatens that a large lawsuit could be forthcoming one that could exceed $100 million.. It seems that luck is definitely not on the side of the Eagles and Michael Vick, as the franchise lost to their long time rivals fake ray ban sunglasses the Giants by 29 16 on their week 3 meeting at Lincoln Financial Field. Vick suffered a concussion on Philly’s loss to the Falcons last week, and he got injured (broken hand) again against New York due to a hit from Chris Canty, and it is likely that he will not see action for 3 or 4 weeks. So, I want to turn my shoulder to match that spine line. I don’t want to level my shoulder out and I don’t want my right shoulder to go up. And therefore the stacking deals that we’ve done Wholesale China Jerseys which is to put in season program in season stacking on the MVPDs is done because we’d like the MVPDs to continue to be able to provide us with monetization, a robust form of monetization over a long period of time, it’s really that simple. And you’re right, a lot of progress has been made. Also, you’re seeing a story line in the Harbaugh Bros, but there were probably decent storylines regardless that could be mixed and matched regardless of which specific matchup you had. Ravens = Ray Lewis’ last game. He is a great technician. And Peyton Manning is so good at reading opposing defenses and then, you know, kind of re jiggering his team. In my house, the kids consume about 50 bags of it a month. I read a poll one time, that stated that out of a handful...

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Sell your Business E-Book Extract Part 3 – How Attractive is your Business?

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Sell your Business – 3 – HOW ATTRACTIVE IS YOUR BUSINESS Buyers look for a return on their money. The higher the perceived return on their investment the more attractive the business. And of course the more attractive the business the more potential buyers are prepared to pay. Why Buyers Buy – What makes a business attractive? Buyers look for a return on their money. The higher the perceived return on their investment the more attractive the business. And of course the more attractive the business the more potential buyers are prepared to pay. Utilising a tool such as the “attractiveness index” is a guideline to how attractive your business is to a potential buyer.  You must always consider when calculating your score the reason the buyer wants to invest in your business. This may weight certain criteria in the attractiveness index to be more important than others. Attractiveness will be relevant to the type of buyer and the reason they are buying. For example, an owner/operator is buying a business to essentially buy themselves a job. The average spending of these buyers would be $100,000 to $1,000,000 and any business for sale over this category may be unattractive. A multinational or large company that buys a business for strategic reasons will rarely spend under $1,000,000.  A multinational would not look at a business unless it had enough profit and upside to justify the stringent due diligence, legal and accounting fees.   Within the owner/operator category there are essentially two types of people. These include buyers which are purchasing for leisure and hobby reasons and those which are buying to “get ahead”. The former will be made up of people that are reasonably well off and are either in the twilight of their careers or are looking to take it a bit easy. They are essentially looking at buying a job in an industry which they enjoy working in. They want good profits and a job that is not stressful in a situation where they don’t need to work too hard.   Owner/operators that are buying to “get ahead” will be after maximum returns. Their choice of industry is dependent upon growth, profitability and their experience. They are not concerned about working hard or long hours as long as there are solid returns. A strategic investor (a large business that buys another business) is generally looking to expand or eliminate a competitor. They might be looking to expand and see the strategic benefits of the following: Products or services to add to their base Intellectual property New distribution channels Locking in supply New ways of approaching customers Management expertise Brand expansion International expansion Competitor buyout Employee Skills Certain factors provide the potential buyer with security: Ensuring there is a sound financial history. Records of a steady increase in profit for the last two to three years, with a similar increase in sales over the same period. Positioning the business as a good low risk return on the investment. Highlighting an established customer base, sound internal systems, market awareness and credibility, an operational framework and cash flow. Highlighting positive industry trends. Highlighting company awards, testimonials or even an ecologically responsible product or service. Ensuring the business does not appear to be reliant on the owner and that there is a...

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EPI 2015 International Summit

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EPI 2015 International Summit to be held in California USA  The Exit Planning Institute have announced that their 2015 annual summit will be held at the “Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel” in ‘Huntington Beach, California USA from September 17th – 18th 2015.     The 2015 summit ‘will be an intensive two day deep dive into integrating & launching exit planning services into your practice.’ The completely redesigned 2015 EPI International Summit will be an intensive 2-day deep dive into integrating and launching exit planning services into your practice. Attendees of the Summit will learn how to effectively engage business owners in exit planning, strategically position their practice in the market, practical applications, solutions and resources to help grow their practice, core strategies to implement exit planning into their practice. Attendees will leave knowing how to effectively take utilize EPI and CEPA platforms as well as have the opportunity to collaborate and network with like-minded exit planning advisors.   Find out more Today To find out more about this highly anticipated event please visit the EPI website below. Click here to visit the EPI website   5 solid nfl teams from last season that could regress in 2014Baking soda or Cheap Jerseys From China sodium bicarbonate is traditionally uses for baking, cleaning and reducing household smells. But not everyone is aware oakleys outlet of how baking soda can reduce muscle soreness. The next step in putting up a tent is to install the rain fly on top. If you take a quick look at the sky and there are just some clouds in the background. You want to have your index finger on one side of the laces, and your little finger on the other side of the laces, nfl jerseys shop with your middle finger two or three laces from your index finger. Then let your thumb form a natural V on the ball, similar to how you hold the ball to throw it. And then again. The NBA and the NHL would have it more appropriate and more dramatic if they played championships at two out of three, but as sports owners know only too well, two of the seven deadly sins are avarice and gluttony.. Paired with a BHB Nitro Stout and some good conversation, these crispity, crunchety pub wings inspire gateway thoughts to dessert wings and breakfast wings alike. Perhaps a golden graham crusted, maple smoked bacon honey wing is in our near future.. People have had guesses on this anywhere from the confluence Cheap Oakleys of waters at the continental divide to a toilet. Seriously, a toilet! Because, you know, that warm urine certainly halts when it hits the cool calm waters of your commode. Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings.My AccountLog OutIn this Oct. 2, 2005, file photo, Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico is shown prior to the start of a regular season NFL game between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers. Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings.My AccountLog OutIn honor of Super Bowl 50, we will give you the 50 things we learned every week of the NFL season. Week 2:1. Avoid talking too much you...

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