MAUS Launches New Online Prospecting Tools

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

MAUS has recently launched their brand new prospecting tools modules.



The prospecting management suite allows you to:

  • Create a new account for a new client or prospect
  • Give you the ability to engage with your client or prospect with a structured set of questions that are easy to understand and simple to answer
  • Automatically generate professional reports that include gap analysis and action plans for your client
  • Log client Meetings and conversations to set a schedule and reengage clients


MAUS Prospecting Tools Consultants Manual

Screenshot of 2015 MAUS Prospecting Tools

This is an extremely fast and easy platform to start engaging new or existing clients. Simply create a new prospect and start the engagement process by using one or more of the tools available. MAUS Business Systems is an award winning company that has helped over 60,000 business worldwide.

Find out more Today:

To find out more about the August training please contact MAUS on 1300 300 586.
Or visit the website below

Click here to visit the MAUS Website


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