Exit Advisory – Step By Step Process

The institute in conjunction with its joint venture partners has endorsed the copyright 6 Step accredited program that was developed by the MAUS institute. This methodology was developed after the combined research into literally thousands of companies over more than a decade. We believe all professional advisors should use a professional exit planning methodology such as the 6 step program below.

STEP 1: CLIENT EDUCATION: How are businesses valued? Who buys businesses? Who pays top dollar? What are the secret drivers to improving the business value and what is your client’s business worth at the moment? Are staff motivated?  What problems are you clients experiencing and what changes are your clients seeking?

STEP 2: EXIT REVIEW & AUDIT: Review the personal objectives of key stakeholders. Use the MAUS copyrighted approach to conduct a “Business Attractiveness Audit” and an “Exit Readiness Audit”. Use the software to automatically convert the results of the audit into a colour 50 page report. An “attractiveness index” involves the assessment of how attractive your client’s business is to a potential buyer? This audit thoroughly reviews your clients business and gives them a score out of 100 and pinpoints areas of weaknesses.

A “Readiness Index” is a more thorough preparation audit : Your client might have an attractive business, but if they are not ready to sell then their business value can be halved. This program pinpoints areas of weaknesses and strengths and gives them a score out of 100. It reviews your clients personal goals and looks at over 100 different areas.

STEP 3: EXIT PLAN DEVELOPMENT: The next step is to develop a clear plan to help to prepare your clients business for exit, sale or transition.

STEP 4: REVIEW SYSTEMS & PROFITABILITY PLANS. To effectively increase the value of your clients business you will need to review whether the business is driving the strategic direction, the people and the organization systems effectively.

STEP 5: MONTHLY MONITORING AND REVIEW : Each month you will review progress and project manage the plan