Exit Courses – Endorsed Exit Courses

The Institute has evaluated and recommended several exit & succession planning training courses and value creation training courses. If your practice is after a formal accreditation process we recommend two training courses:

Exit Planning Institute – CEPA program (USA/Sydney) 4 day course

For a formal accreditation the Institute endorses the work done by the Exit Planning Institute based in the USA. The CEPA certification at this stage is what we regard as the best certification in the world. To become certified you must meet EPI’s rigorous program requirements and pass the certification exam. This then allows you to become recognized, Certified Exit Planning Advisor. We feel that the 4 day accreditation program is extremely thorough and provides a good exit planning methodology. (http://www.exit-planning-institute.org/)

The CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor, from the Exit Planning Institute) certification process will elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and differentiate CEPA professionals from those who do not have the knowledge needed to provide high quality exit planning services to business owners. Members earning the CEPA certification receive a CEPA certificate bearing the candidate’s name and the EPI’s seal, confirming you have completed EPI’s rigorous exit planning curriculum.

If you are in the USA this is a “must do” accreditation. If you are in Australia /UK / New Zealand or elsewhere this course whilst still recommended is fairly US centric for the wealth planning and tax planning modules.

At the time of writing there was an active Australian chapter of the Institute and there was a 4 day accreditation program run in Sydney by the Exit Planning Institute. Contact the local chapter in your region.

International advisors may need to review for their needs. There is the option to take the course under the Australian Chapter located in Sydney. This exit & succession planning training course and value creation training course is run by President Peter Hickey, also CEO of MAUS Business Systems.

This attractive certificate is printed on parchment and is designed to impress your clients and elevate your business stature.

The Australian Chapter of the EPI is now headed by Peter Hickey, of MAUS Business Systems. Contact MAUS on 1300 300 586. EPI training (CEPA training) in Australia is now based in Sydney.

Practical Exit Planning & Business Advisory (MAUS Courses)

ExitPlanning-LearningCoursesCertificationMAUS Business Systems offers both online virtual exit & succession planning certificate courses for business owners and business advisors as well as general advisory training courses that also include an emphasis on Exit Planning.

The MAUS courses have been developed and tailored for the Australian market. It is complimented with automated exit and succession planning and valuation creation software which saves time, and offers a standardised methodology for you and your clients.

This MAUS Partner course is a practical course that includes marketing material, software and a detailed training program. It offers a holistic business advisory training combined with a strong emphasis on Exit Planning. It trains on a set of methodologies that has been endorsed by the Institute of Exit Advisors. This is a worldwide course that includes not only the processes but the tools and the software. MAUS is a joint venture partner with the Institute and has collaboratively developed an accredited process and program for Exit Advisors.

This course will take your practice through an intensive 6 days of face to face training over the 12 months  plus provide support to your practice over that period to build your revenue stream. MAUS has invested millions of dollars in the development of intellectual property including business tools and software that will be supplied to your practice. This will save you years of trying to re-invent the wheel and give your practice a competitive advantage.

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